Student News

Round Square Dancing with DA Stars

Henry Cobbs – May 21, 2014

On Saturday, May 10th, the Deerfield Academy Round Square Steering Committee organized a fundraiser to support the Prince Alexander Fund and the Starehe School in Kenya. The event, Dancing with DA Stars, was inspired by the popular television program. 13 couples participated in the event and truly dazzled the crowd with their performances. At the beginning of the event, Round Square played a video explaining the IDEALS and informing the audience as to where their money was being donated. Through ticket sales and concessions, the committee was able to raise around $1,500. For years, Deerfield Academy has paid for a student in Kenya to attend Starehe Boys Centre for a year. The school provides rigorous academics and instills strong character in some of the nation’s most promising boys. Most of the students, without financial aid, would not have had the opportunity to attend a school as esteemed as Starehe.

After each performance, a panel of faculty judges commented on the dance. Students then voted for their favorite couple via their smartphones. The over 250 students that were in attendance all came to the consensus that the event was a great success and felt good about supporting such valuable causes. In addition, the Steering Committee feels as though it made progress towards further instilling the Round Square IDEALS in the community.

The event was dedicated to Deerfield faculty member and long-time RS rep., Marty Lyman. At the end of this year, Ms. Lyman will be retiring from the Academy. In the early 2000’s, she led the initiative for Deerfield to join the Round Square Organization. (Without her, Deerfield students would have never had the opportunity to attend any of the past Round Square international conferences.) Lyman is proud to have been a part of the team that ushered in the return to coeducation, as well as helping establish the Deerfield Global Studies Program. Furthermore, her efforts to provide equal educational opportunities to children around the world—no matter their gender, race, or finances—has undoubtedly had a profound impact. Throughout her 26 years at Deerfield, Ms. Lyman has inspired hundreds of students to live their lives by and promote the Round Square IDEALS.