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Like the Deerfield Scroll on Facebook

Henry Cobbs – May 14, 2014

We made this same announcement a few months back, but now that our Facebook page is fully up and running, we would love it if all students, alumni, and faculty liked our page. The link is Because we no longer distribute print copies to parents and alumni, we would love it if you continued to read the Scroll via our online properties. In fact, with online exclusive articles and the new video content we are producing, our Facebook page and website ( provide a far more content than the traditional print. Liking the page is not just a way to show your support for the Scroll; we traditionally share one article a day on the Facebook page. Therefore, by simply browsing your Facebook newsfeed, you will stay in the loop with all of the important Deerfield news. 

We have gone from about 120 likes on our page to 260 today. But, I would love to further increase our readership (And Choate’s newspaper has over 600 likes on their page!). Thanks in advanced for all of your support. 

Henry Cobbs