Student News

End of Year Mailbox Cleanup!

Delaney, Joseph – May 22, 2014

Whether you’re cramming for finals or daydreaming of basking in the summer sun, take a minute out of your day to stop by the Athletic Building and empty out your mailbox! We will begin the process of clearing out boxes and preparing for the upcoming year soon after May 30th, so be sure to grab your mail soon.

Seniors should take heed; as we won’t be able to hold onto any of your mail, and can’t guarantee that everything will find its way to your new addresses.

If you need help opening your box or are having any trouble accessing your mail, please contact Mr. Delaney immediately by leaving a message with your name and number at extension 1870, or by email at jrdelaney@deerfield. He will also be present in the student mailroom every week day leading up to the end of school from 4pm-5pm to help.