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Prep for Peter Davis visit

Trelease, Timothy – April 30, 2014

We recommend seeing Peter Davis’ extraordinary film, “Hearts and Minds” in anticipation of Davis’ visit on Thursday: the first 5:50 minutes of the film and the following short clips are available¬†from this video

  1. 54:35 – 56:37 (a montage depicting Vietnamese determination with U.S. ignorance, narcissism, and cruelty)
  2. 1:16:04 Р1:17:20 (a montage with patriotic music over ruination in Vietnam) 
  3. 1:42:20 – 1:47:54 (a Vietnamese boy crying juxtaposed with General Westmoreland’s perspective on “the Oriental,” and a soldier’s remorse).¬†

These clips may be difficult to watch. These scenes capture the essence of Davis’ film, his unique point of view, and stylistic innovations which have influenced Michael Moore, Errol Morris, and others.