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Apply to be a Peer Tutor! (It is a MUCH more selective process this year)

Schloat, Julianne – April 4, 2014

All rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors, please read the expectations of being a Peer Tutor and a Head Peer Tutor below, then click on the link to apply. Even if you were a peer tutor or head peer tutor this year, you must reapply in order to keep your position. You have until Friday, April 11, to fill out the application. If you have specific questions about the peer tutoring program, feel free to email Mrs. Schloat at

Peer Tutor Description

To be a peer tutor in a specific subject, you must have earned a 93 or above in the specific course in which you would like to tutor.  Peer tutors must be enthusiastic about being matched up with students in need for one-on-one tutoring in a specific subject area. Once matched up, peer tutors are expected to initiate contact with their tutee and follow through with all scheduled meetings (usually once or twice a week). Tutors are also expected to be available in the library for one hour during evening study hall once every two weeks. There are periodic meetings/training sessions throughout the year as well.

Mrs. Schloat and the current Head Peer Tutors will consider need for tutors in the subject in which you are applying, teacher recommendations, your answers to the essay questions in the application, and previous tutoring experience in our decisions.  Application is open to all rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Head Peer Tutor Description

Head Peer Tutors are expected to come to meetings with the faculty advisor approximately once a month, lead periodic peer tutor training sessions, make announcements to the school about meetings and new initiatives in the tutoring program, lead library peer tutoring groups, match up tutors with students in need, keep track of tutoring hours for the peer tutors in your library group, oversee a group of peer tutors in the library one evening from 7:45-8:45pm each week, and arrive early to school in the fall to help new students with Academic Orientation. Application is open to all rising juniors.

Mrs. Schloat and the current Head Peer Tutors will consider overall GPA, previous peer tutoring experience, feedback from tutored students and fellow peer tutors you have worked with in the past, your answers to the essay questions in the application, and teacher recommendations in our decisions.

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