Student News

Tanzania #19 — Finishing Touches

Christina Kopp – March 21, 2014

William Ughetta ’17 describes the penultimate day at JBFC:

Deerfield’s second to last day at JBFC was very busy. In the morning, one group of DA students went to the public school nearby and weighed and measured one hundred and ninety four students. Two students taught a lesson in JBFC’s primary school; the rest finished painting a second coat of light blue on the girls’ dining hall.

Ms. Nichols and William Ughetta '17 clean paint brushes after helping to paint the JBFC dining hall. (Photo Credit: D. Miller)

Ms. Nichols and William Ughetta ’17 clean brushes after helping to paint the JBFC dining hall. (Photo Credit: D. Miller)

We all came together for lunch and discussed our trip with Chris, the director. All the students who had not yet been to the public school got a chance to go after lunch. There were about six hundred and seventy students and only ten teachers. In the kindergarten, a hundred and fifty students were supposed to fit into a classroom smaller than a squash court. Grades get smaller and smaller after fourth and then seventh grade because students are not allowed to return if they cannot pass Tanzania’s national exams. Although there were facts written on the chalkboards in the classrooms, most students were standing around outside or sitting silently and empty-handed at their desks. They did not have books, and only a few had paper or even a pen. Nevertheless, the students and teachers were very friendly and welcoming when we arrived. Afterwards, we watched Sakuma dancers and drummers. They did some of their traditional dances, as well as dances from other Tanzanian tribes. Afterwards, they let DA students and JBFC girls join in the dancing and drumming till after the sun had already set. We finished dinner with a group reflection and got ready to go to bed for our last day.