Student News

Tanzania #18 — Countdown till the End

Christina Kopp – March 20, 2014

Meghan Mozea ’15 rejoices in the connections she has made and laments the few days she has left in Tanzania:

Countdown till the end:

3 days,

72 hours left.

So much to do, so little time.

As Katherine Chen, sitting next to me, stresses over all the things that she has left to do at JBFC in such a short amount of time, the reality dawns on me that this trip is coming to an end. I always knew that this blissful feeling of living in Tanzania with the JBFC girls would have to come to a close, but I never anticipated that it would come so swiftly and unexpectedly.

Sitting on the floor during Prayer Circle I begin to tear up. I am able to keep myself from crying, but just barely. I try to push the thought of leaving out of my head, but it is impossible. I know now that eventually I will have to leave. The girls continue to sing; they are spectacular. Their voices rise above my sad thoughts and lift my spirits. Nakupenda, nakupenda! (I love you, I love you!) It is impossible to remain sad while looking at something so beautiful. I realize that being in Tanzania has been the experience of a lifetime. I will never feel this way again. For maybe the first time in my life I really feel that I have a purpose. I am doing something to help others and there is no other feeling. Helping these girls and being a part of their life for even a short amount of time gives me an inexplicable feeling that is much more powerful than just happiness. But the closest explanation that I have is pure blissfulness. 

I truthfully don’t want to leave. The joy that the girls exude engulfs everyone around. I have been completely surrounded by the delight of these girls. They are close and comfortable, I feel safe and warm in their company. It makes me incredibly sad to think of having to leave this place.

“Time is pretty precise.” -Cabral

We still have so much to do in the constrained time that we have. We must complete the painting of the dining hall with the girls as well as continuing the grey water system. Connecting with the girls is an ongoing process and I look forward to more time one-on-one with them. These experiences have forever shaped me and these last few days will continue to change my perspective and my life.

This sadly can’t last forever.

 –Meghan Mozea