Student News

Need to Mail Something?

Delaney, Joseph – February 19, 2014

If you’ve mailed anything out in the past few months, you’ve probably noticed the old outgoing mail box in the Athletic Center has been removed. Unfortunately, the box will not be making a return any time soon…

But have no fear! You still have plenty of options to send your mail right here on campus and along main street. Your first option is to drop your letters off into the pre-stamped box in the printer/mailroom in the MSB basement. Remember, students are responsible for providing postage. Lucky for you, Hitchcock House sells stamps!

If you’d prefer to deal with the post office directly, you can also head down the street to the Deerfield Post office. It’s the small white building between the church and the Deerfield Inn. You can’t miss it!

Lastly, as a friendly reminder, please stop by the gym sometime and open up your very own mailbox! There are plenty of students who haven’t checked their mail all year… and who knows what they’re missing out on!

If you have any questions about opening your box, or need any help whatsoever please contact Mr. Delaney at or ext. 1870