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Turn off the lights! Be nice to the planet! Win stuff!

Jeffrey Jewett – January 17, 2014

Watch this Green Cup video from the e-proctors (thanks to Ken Park 2014 or editing).

Green Cup Energy Challenge 2014 is underway! Green Cup is an international competition where schools compete to see how much they can reduce their electricity consumption over four weeks. Deerfield was one of the first schools to join Green Cup, and now over 300 schools participate across the country and globe. Last year, schools collectively saved enough electricity to keep all of DA powered for 3 months! We have two competitions – our external competition against over 90 other boarding schools (“Green Cup”), and our internal competition pitting dorm vs dorm, and new this year, classroom building vs classroom building (the “DA Green Cup”). 

 Each week of the DA Green Cup, 3-5 buildings are in a competition pool, like in the early stages of World Cup soccer, and buildings rotate through different pools each week. The winner of each pool will earn a point, as well as a prize. After 4 weeks, the girls and boys dorms with the highest point totals will earn the grand prize: a pool or rink party with lots of food.

DA Green Cup Week 1 prize: Ice cream feed!

Click here to see real-time pool standings.

[The following competition notes may  be out-of-date by the time you read them, and only  represent a snapshot of time on Friday morning.]

Pool A: With 4 days left, Harold Smith is off to an early lead over Pocumtuck, Macalister, and Mather, but all are reducing their usage.

Pool B: Bewkes has a strong start, followed by John Louis, Rosenwald-Shumway, and Scaife. Kendall classroom needs to step it up.

Pool C: John Williams is in the early lead, followed by Field and Barton. New Dorm and Dewey need to step it up.

Pool D: Louis Marx is currently edging out Chapin, but it’s close. Johnson-Doubleday and Denunzio are also reducing their consumption and could pull out a win. There are data errors with the Arms Building.

Pool E: Boyden Library is currently crushing the Koch Center, though weekend usage patterns could change this. There are data errors with the Main School (Academy) Building.