Student News

Starting Today… Library Changes!

Patriquin, Charlotte – January 6, 2014

Starting today, the Library will be piloting several changes as part of a larger planning project to open up more space in the Library for student study, make the Library even more inviting and welcoming, support Deerfield goals, and explore thinking about the Library and Koch Center as one contiguous space that could offer students and faculty more flexible space for both individual and collaborative work. We welcome your feedback at any time and will assess the outcomes of the pilots going forward.

The changes going into effect starting today:

  1. the Library-Koch door open will remain unlocked all hours the Library is open (including weekends) to facilitate student and faculty movement between the buildings;
  2. the Library will close at 9:40pm, instead of 9:45pm, Sunday through Thursday nights to support the 9:45pm upper class student curfew; 
  3. based on the success of the initial Library food policy changes during Fall Term, the Library’s food policy will be relaxed further and all food and drink will be permitted. Too many messes, however, may cause us to rethink this change. To help the custodial staff and support Deerfield’s environmental goals, please dispose of any uneaten food in the Library’s compost bins. 
  4. the Faculty Lounge (at the east end of the 2nd floor) will become a quiet student study space during most evenings and when Phil/Rel isn’t using the space. The room will be open to any student desiring a quiet study space and will not be reservable for student groups (there are other Library rooms available for group work, please check at the Circulation Desk for available spaces for your group).

Again, we welcome your feedback at any time on these pilot changes and will assess the outcomes of the pilots going forward.