Student News

See You at the Quinoa Table!

Woodward, Bradley – January 9, 2014

You will notice a change on the table during tomorrow’s sit-down lunch. From a bird’s-eye view, the Dining Hall has been divided into sections resembling the Harvard Healthy Plate. Your table could be named for a fruit, vegetable, whole grain, healthy protein, or healthy fat (there is even a water table).

Despite the change, have no fear: the Dining Hall will continue to serve delicious, healthy meals. And no, if you are sitting at the millet table, it doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck eating bird seed for the next three weeks. Think of this as a fun way to stimulate a healthy conversation and learn about the food we put in our bodies every day. Who knew eating could be so dirty?

Check out the map and your table rotation assignment to find where you’ll be sitting tomorrow.