Student News

UNPLUG for Pizza! (and a hypothetical Tesla road trip…)

Jeffrey Jewett – December 19, 2013

Thanks to your efforts to UNPLUG over Thanksgiving break, we collectively saved over 7300 kilowatt-hours of electricity in dormitories (compared to the previous week), almost four times better than we did in 2012. Special congratulations go to Harold Smith, Bewkes, and Pocumtuck 1 for their particularly excellent unplugging efforts. 

The electricity we saved would be enough to drive a Tesla Model S from Deerfield to Anchorage  AK (brr!), then down to Panama City, Panama to warm up, then back to Deerfield because you forgot to water your dorm room plants, then out to Hollywood to see a movie premiere at the Chinese Theater, then up past Big Sur, over the Golden Gate in San Francisco, ending in Seattle for a trip up the Space Needle (20,000 miles total). Whew! Good thing you loaded some great road trip tunes before you left.

As you pack up to leave for winter break, please take care to take out the trash/recycling from your room, close and LOCK your windows, turn off the lights, and unplug all electronics. If you clean out any common room fridges to unplug them, be sure to leave their doors OPEN. Corridors that do the best at unplugging will win a pizza feed in January. Oh, and if you haven’t seen this Miller and Harcourt music video yet, you’re missing out. Happy unplugging!