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MLK Day Service Project – Kids Against Hunger

Zahra Rawji – December 5, 2013

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day the students, faculty and staff of Deerfield Academy will respond to Dr. King’s call for action to address social injustice by packaging 200,000 meals to send to the Philippines and Haiti with the assistance of Kids Against Hunger. In order to conduct this remarkable event we need to raise a great deal of money for the food and packaging supplies. 

If each of us can raise $60 in the next few weeks we will be able to hit our target of 200,000 meals. Kids Against Hunger has set up a fundraising website for us. If we all work hard to make contributions and solicit funds from others we can achieve this lofty goal of feeding 200,000 desperately hungry people.

Here is the link to the fundraising website: