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Geocide: Madame Moorhead’s Ninth Poetry Collection

Robert Moorhead – October 25, 2013

Andrea Moorhead’s ninth collection of French poetry, Géocide, has been published this fall by Editions du Noroît in Montréal. A group of poets including Andrea Moorhead will be present at a reception, reading, and book launching to take place at the cultural center (La Maison de la culture du Plateau Mont-Royal)) on avenue Mont-Royal E. (465) on Tuesday, October 29. Her published French poetry collections to date include Niagara (1988), Le silence nous entoure (1992), La bancheur absolue (1995), Le vert est fragile (1999), Présence de la terre (2004), De loin (2010), Terre de Memoire (2012), and Sans miroir (2013). Her publishers in Quebec are Ecrits des forges (Trois-Riviers) and Noroît (Montréal), and in France, Autre Sud (Marseilles), l’Alantique (Saintes), and Encres Vivres. Copies of Géocide are available in bookstores in Quebec starting October 31, and are available through the Deerfield Academy Bookstore or directly from Andrea Moorhead.