Student News

What’s Up With Pizza Boxes?

DiNicola, Danae – September 13, 2013

In a word: COMPOST.

Greasy pizza boxes can’t be recycled, but can be composted, diverting waste from the landfill and creating rich fertilizer. The Facilities Department has added six compost collection stations near the dorms. Dorm residents are expected to deposit pizza boxes into the collectors, rather than into cardboard or trash bins. Please be sure to remove any plastic or metal, such as plastic sauce cups. On a weekly basis, DAPP students will use 4-wheel cycles to retrieve the boxes and transfer them to a composting location at Physical Plant. (Off-campus faculty can bring boxes straight to Physical Plant. There will NOT be pick-up at houses.)

The locations of the six bins are as follows: 1) across the street from New Dorm; 2) at the east end of Scaife Dorm; 3) behind Johnson Dorm; 4) at the parking area of Harold Smith Dorm; 5) behind Barton Dorm; and 6) behind Rosenwald-Shumway. 

As always, your ideas how to improve the system are welcome. Feel free to send them to Mr. Purington.