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The Turkey You DON’T Get to See on TV

communications – August 1, 2013

A few weeks ago I took a 10 day trip throughout 3 cities in Turkey. This poem reflects my experience and how it deeply contrasted with the portrayal of the country in Western media. Enjoy!

Turn on the news and what do you see
A corrupt land drowning in disbelief
Vicious protestors fighting for their rights
Terrorists plotting to hijack the sky
Oppressed women draped in hijabs all through the night

But what you don’t get to see
Are the beautiful mosques that have stood for centuries
Ancient cities that have influenced the world
Bizarre markets full of cloth and herbs
Vaccinated animals running through the streets
An education system that has yet to be beat
Loving families who welcome strangers into their homes
Giant evil eyes that protect your souls
Rich and mouthwatering, magnificent cuisine
And luxurious palaces fit for every queen

Before you jump into any conclusions
Don’t always believe what you see on TV
For a land that may seem forbidden on the screen
In reality is the setting of your dreams
And everything that you’ve ever wanted to be