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The Time of My Life

communications – August 2, 2013

From Bri’ana Odom, July 26, 2013 – There will never be enough words to describe the way I feel about my experience in the Dominican Republic.

There will never be enough reminiscing to satisfy the nostalgia that weighs down on me when I wake up only to remember that I won’t be building a house after breakfast.

And as I walk up to houses in the United States, nothing will ever stop me from wondering how long it took to make them—

Where did the material come from? I bet there was so much leftover material that went to waste.

In the DR, we reused everything at the worksite that could be reused.

How much were the builders and contractors paid?

I bet no one pitched in to help out of the kindness of his or her hearts like countless did everyday in the DR.

Thought after thought after thought brings me back to a time when there was always work to be done and kids to be played with and juice breaks to be enjoyed and team mates to laugh with.

And the two bracelets on my wrists from Santo Domingo serve as a reminder that my Spanish speaking skills are at the very least good enough to get me by when I go back…

I haven’t taken them off since I put them on during the plane ride home.

Because being a part of the kind of community that San Juan provided for us leaves you with a magical feeling that comes back with any and all good thoughts. And honestly, I had the time of my life from June 8-15, 2013. I wouldn’t trade my memories of that time for anything.