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Attention all Students!

Mozea, Meghan – July 3, 2013

Concussions are a common injury in teenagers and the consequences of not recognizing them or not managing them adequately are becoming increasingly clear. As part of our concussion management protocol we are asking students and families to do two things before students arrive to campus. First, we will be asking students and parents to take an online Concussion Education Program every year before students arrive on campus. Secondly, we will be asking all students to complete the ImPACT concussion baseline test online every two years. If you are  a new student, please complete the baseline ImPACT test before August 15th. If you are a returning studentand you have completed the baseline ImPACT test at Deerfield Academy within the past two years, please complete only the online education program. Both the Education Program and the ImPACT baseline will be required before participating in athletics at Deerfield.

The following students should repeat Baseline ImPACT testing:

  1. those who entered Deerfield as new freshmen and will be entering Junior year,
  2. entered as a new sophomore and will be entering Senior year,
  3. new students at Deerfield

Concussion Education: Understanding what a concussion is and how to recognize it is the foundation of any Concussion Management Program. This is important for both parents and students. Two excellent courses are available online. Please take either of the courses listed below. We really like the NFHS course. It requires registration and is a little confusing to access but keep trying. Both are good courses and both are free.

NFHS Course:
Centers for Disease Control course:

ImPACT Testing: We have been using the neurocognitive test called ImPACT for many years to help us evaluate concussion injuries. In previous years we have focused our attention on athletes, but because we have seen an increased number of concussions in non-athletes and because a concussion can occur just about anywhere, we have expanded our testing to the student body as a whole. The ImPACT Test (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Test) is a computerized concussion evaluation system. This type of concussion assessment can help us objectively evaluate the concussed student after the injury and track recovery for safe return to play, thus preventing the cumulative effects of concussion. It also aids us in determining if academic accommodations are needed following an injury.

We are asking that all new students to Deerfield complete the Baseline ImPACT Test online. Even if you have taken this test at another school, we would like you to complete this test again for our records at Deerfield Academy. By completing this test you will provide us with baseline data that we will use to compare to post-injury scores if you sustain a concussion.

Instructions for logging on and taking the test are provided below.

If you have any difficulties or problems please do not hesitate to contact Bob Graves via email at


  • Make sure you’re using Internet Explorer 6.0 or above, or Firefox 1.5 or above.
  • You must have Adobe Flash Player 10.0 or newer installed. You can download Adobe Flash Player at
  • If you have a pop up blocker installed, you must turn it off for the duration of the test.
  • Close all other programs on your computer before taking the test.
  • You need a broadband Internet connection.
  • The computer you use must have a mouse.
  • Java Script must be enabled.
  • If you are running Windows 7, make sure power management is set to High Performance. Otherwise performance will be slowed, negating test scoring.

Your computer must have a mouse.

  1. It must be plugged in, do not take the test with your computer running on the battery.
  2. The test environment should be quiet and distraction free – No music, cell phones or other electronic devices while you are taking the test.
  3. You must complete the test within 45 minutes or the test will be invalid and you will have to log on and re-take the test.
  4. Please make sure you read all the instructions very carefully for each section of the test.



  1. Log on to
  2. Select Massachusetts as the organization/state and then click launch baseline test
  3. Enter customer ID exactly as follows this is case sensitive: A4FA51F3CE
  4. Read the instructions and check the appropriate language click next
  5. Read the instructions carefully on the next page

Continue to answer all questions and fill out all demographic information on each page until you get to the beginning of the test.

Read all the instructions for every test carefully. When you complete each module, continue to the next. READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR EACH MODULE WELL. When you have completed the whole test, Impact will let you know and you can close out of the program. The data will be saved and accessible to the medical staff at Deerfield.