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A Dining Room in a Cave

communications – June 11, 2013

From Tina Monroe, June 9, 2013

Everything around me is amazing and beautiful! The culture here is intricate and individual, and I’m not sure I’ll ever get enough of it! Thanks to my Italian heritage, I’ve felt an extreme connection to this country I’ve never visited before and every single moment seems to be heightened with a sense of enjoyment and understanding. 

At every site we’ve gone to, I’ve touched all the old pieces (the ones you were allowed to touch) to feel as though I’m a part of history. I’m not exactly sure of the logic behind it, but I’ve done it since I was a kid and it makes sense to me. When we were in Tiberius’s Cave (the second Roman emperor) I sat down on these ancient seats carved into the rock and was able to imagine all the dinner parties and things Tiberius himself had seen from that place. Being able to sit and not just touch something somehow made a difference. The cave was probably my favorite place we visited because it was amazing how human beings, even 2,000 years ago, were able to become one with nature and put their dining room in a cave! That was only one of the many extremely magical moments so far!