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A Symbolic Difference

communications – June 9, 2013

From Bri’ana Odom, June 9, 2013 — 

These are two separate images that I took of my friend on the beach–but I like the way that they looked together because they tell the story of someone content with their surroundings, but then looking for something more.

It’s not as if June 9th, 2013 was my first time stepping onto a beach. There are plenty of beaches in my home of South Carolina and I inhabit them frequently during the summer. But this beach was different. Not just because it was in a completely different country. It wasn’t a different beach just because of the water—although that was different too, much more blue than any water found on SC’s coast…the water was such a perfect blend of blues. 

I guess it was a more symbolic difference than anything else. Before this day, I had never been out of the country before. It was odd to be on a beach without my usual friends who I had known since the age of five or family members. Instead, I was sharing a new beach with new people: some locals who I would never see again and fellow classmates who I hoped that I would see more of if the Cambiando Vidas went the way that Ms. Cabral said it would.

And so as I looked out at the clear blue sky atop of the hues of bright blues that made up the sea before me I was grateful for both new adventures and old ones.