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Student Culture Forum: Continued Conversation

William Kaelin – April 15, 2013

We would like to keep the dialogue regarding student culture going strong. Several more of these responses to the Student Culture Forum by Student Council members will be posted in the coming days. We encourage you to log into the Daily Bulletin and comment, or make posts of your own.

“The establishment of the forum was intended to create discussion and an environment in which anyone could voice their perspectives on various aspects of the community. I think a primary thing that we can take away from this discussion is the importance of continuing conversation and working collaboratively to find solutions for the long and short term, for the majority of topics that were brought to light require reassessing the nature of the school and its culture. In all, I think we must continue to uphold what Deerfield is known for, whether it be the relationships that exist between teacher and student as well as between students or the traditions that pervade our history.” -Cleo Siderides

As a reminder, the Student Council holds open meetings at 6:45 on Sunday evenings.