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How to Improve Your Wireless Connection!

Sarah Hinz – April 11, 2013

Problems with your wireless in your dorm? Wireless is a shared resource; your behavior can deprive yourself and others of access.  Review the following tips and follow school policies to help keep the network running well for everyone.

Here are some quick tips for improving your wireless connection!

  1. Turn off any wireless printers
  2. Turn off any bluetooth devices when not in use
  3. Disable the wireless feature and use a USB cable on your Apple Time Capsule
  4. Disable the wireless feature and use a wired alternative on any cameras, audio speakers, or set-top boxes like AppleTV
  5. Use gaming devices (Xbox, WII, etc) sparingly and keep them away from your computer

Also note that GREENDOOR requires a working password.  To check on whether it is working try to log into Outlook Web Access

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