Student News

Health Survey after Sit-Down Dinner on Tuesday

Hagamen, Tom – April 23, 2013

After sit-down dinner on Tuesday, April 23, students will return to their corridors directly to take an online health survey, the third biennial Independent School Health Check (ISHC), a survey of health attitudes and behaviors conducted at independent schools across New England. It should take about 30 minutes.

The ISHC is an important source of information to independent schools, as it is the only national survey of its kind that samples students at independent schools about health-related attitudes and behaviors. Most of our sister schools in the Eight School Association are taking this survey this spring.

This survey is confidential. It is administered on Survey Monkey by the Institute for Living at Hartford Hospital. No one at Deerfield will see individual responses to the questions asked. We will be given aggregate data reported by gender and class.

Students should return to their corridors directly after sit-down dinner on Tuesday at 6:45PM. They will be checked into their rooms and attendance taken. Students will receive an email with an online link to the survey. Students are required to be in their rooms at this time, but they are not required to take the survey. Students who take the survey may choose to not answer any of the questions. The survey will take approximately 30 minutes. Day students will receive the same email link to the online survey. Day students may take the survey at home, in the library or in the common room of the dorm to which they are assigned.

Thanks to everyone for their help and cooperation in this important effort. Questions about the survey may be directed to Dr. Hagamen or to Ms. Creagh.