Student News

DA Math Students Compete, Qualify for Top Honors

Schettino, Carmel – April 24, 2013

This year we had four talented mathematics students qualify for the American Invitational Mathematics Exam, which is a highly competitive national mathematics competition sponsored by the Mathematics Association of America. John Lee, Josh Kim, Robin Tu, and Hatty Wang all took the AIME on April 3, representing Deerfield as top competitors of our school.

John Lee has been named a qualifier for USA Mathematics Olympiad–a highly prestigious event. Only about 500 students from about 12,000 of the AIME participants are invited to the USAMO. The top 12 students will be declared the winners and will be honored at the National Academy of Sciences in June. The USAMO is a two-day, nine-hour mathematics competition. It is an achievement of the highest order to just qualify for the USAMO. Congratulations to John for this great accomplishment!