Student News

Art is Everywhere at Deerfield

Trelease, Timothy – April 10, 2013

There is some great new work on display around campus, in the Hilson Gallery and in the hallways of the Memorial Building. In the Hilson, you can find a series of portraits, inspired by Richard Avedon and taken on the streets of Greenfield, by Emily Jones. You can also see the results of an art exemption project, inspired by Cindy Sherman and fashion, by Morgan Macey and Daisy Fornengo. On the lower level of the Mem, you will discover some amazing work by studio art students working in a variety of art media. The A.P. Photography class has been using UV rays from the sun, and light-sensitive chemicals, to print in a manner popularized in the 19th century. Come see the beautiful prints in Cyanotype and Platinum-Palladium.