Student News

Important Storm Information

communications – February 8, 2013

As you may have heard, the governor has issued a storm-related state of emergency  and has banned travel on all Massachusetts roads after 4 pm today. In addition, the Academy has restricted use of school vehicles until Sunday morning. Please read below for more details. 

For Employees, Regarding Travel

Governor Patrick has ordered all vehicles off of state roads after 4pm this afternoon. This order excludes “essential personnel,” defined during this weather emergency as Facilities, Dining and Health Services staff as well as to those whose supervisor declares essential. If you are not in any of these groups, please plan to be home and off the roads by 4 pm. Those who are essential and are stopped for being on the roads after 4pm should tell the officer that they work at Deerfield and are considered essential personnel.

Regarding School Vehicles

Effective from now until Sunday morning, school vehicles will not be available for use, except for emergencies. Sunday sign outs should not be a problem unless the weather forecast changes or is incorrect. Contact Chuck Williams with questions at 413-834-5833 or by email.

Maintenance of the campus and the safety of all comes first. Though travel conditions may not look bad at the moment, they are worsening quickly. Clean up tomorrow will take time so please be patient and use common sense.