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Need Help Backing Up Your School Data?

Sarah Hinz – January 28, 2013

Here is the truth! Your data* can be permanently lost if your computer is stolen, has a hardware failure, or even drops on the floor.

What you need to back up data: 

  1. Your laptop
  2. A backup destination:  
    1. Blank DVD’s
    2. An external hard drive (like pictured)
    3. An account with an online storage provider (for example: Dropbox – check it out!)
  3. A normal backup could take up to 30 minutes on one dvd
  4. A normal backup on a external hard drive could take up to 10 minutes
Tips to follow:
  1. Pick a time once a week to back up data. Once you are comfortable with the process try doing it daily! 
  2. Never depend on someone else to back up for you
  3. Make sure to close out of all applications and files before you run your backup
  4. Most importantly – feel free to ask for help. We’d be happy to assist!
*Refers to pictures, music, movies, and documents.