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AP Exam Sign Up!

Thiel, Vita – January 31, 2013

Students: If you want to take an AP exam, please go here to sign up for this May’s AP exams. You only need to fill out the form once, regardless of how many AP exams you plan to take. Students taking AP math courses are required to take the AP exam, so you must enter that as a selection. All forms are due by February 15

Faculty: Please discuss with students your expectations for their taking AP exams. Teachers will receive a list of students registered in their subject, and you should confirm that it is correct by February 25. Math teachers will be given a list of sign-ups: please confirm that all the students in your class have properly registered; and contact me with any discrepancies. Orders are placed on March 1.

Please direct questions and concerns to me; I’m happy to help.

 Mrs. Thiel