Student News

Teacher and Staff Appreciation

Caroline Ashford – November 28, 2012

The Deerfield Parents Network is working on a teacher and staff appreciation raffle for December 21. The items will be put into a raffle the night of their holiday party. So far the DPN have come up with some great donations from parents. We thought as students we could come up with our own gifts as well to say a huge thank you for all they do for us. There are so many ways you all can get involved. There are a few suggestions below, but we are open to whatever you can dream up. If you would like to help out in any way please email us at to donate your time or talk to any of us to brainstorm!

  • Babysitting Hours
  • Baking desserts/ cooking dinner in their apt
  • Cleaning crew
  • Dogwalking – maybe 7 of you could each take a day and donate a week’s worth of walking
  • Sports lessons to the faculty children – a lax clinic, an hour skating on the rink, some tennis lessons, some swimming lessons
  • Donate some time reading to the kids
  • Piano lessons
  • Violin lessons – any instrument for that matter
  • A photography session… there are some great photographers amongst  us
  • Art work

Whatever you can think of!! Everyone will really appreciate your effort.

Thanks so much,

Caroline Ashford, Ally Benedict, Phil Bowman, Andrew Bowman, Liliana Brown,  Cameron Carpenter, Carey Danforth, Emma DeCamp, Henry Decamp, Allison Dewey, Addie Fulton, Kelsey Gallagher, Walty Gahagan, Kate Ginna, Mettler Growney,  Julia Hamilton, Louisa Hanson, Blair Johnson, Noah Koeppel, Annie McLendon, Quinn Morris, Jack Paul, Sydney O’Connell, Maggie Shilling, Katie Swindell, Eliz Swindell, Emily Upson, Cate Wadman, Place Wilson, Caroline Wood