Student News

Important Info for Faculty and Staff

Mozea, Meghan – November 15, 2012

Informational meetings to explain enhancements to the Academy’s Pension Plan will be held on Friday, November 16 in the Boyden Library (Faculty Lounge, 2nd Floor). This is important information which can help you make the most of your financial future and we encourage you to attend. Representatives from TIAA-CREF and from Schuster Driscoll, the Academy’s pension plan advisors, will speak about these enhancements, including:

  • Why these changes have been made
  • What you can expect due the changes
  • The new investment menu
  • Transitioning to the new investment menu
  • A new TIAA-CREF website dedicated to the Academy’s plan

Because we want each of you to hear this important information, we’ve scheduled three meetings and broken them out by department.  All meetings are being held in the FLB Library, upstairs in the Faculty Lounge/Study Hall on the 2nd Floor. Refreshments will be available. Because the room will accommodate approximately 100 people at a time, we hope you will attend a meeting as specified below, but it is more important that you come to a meeting rather than at what time.

  • Meeting #1   7:45  –  8:45AM ( Faculty, Dining Hall)
  • Meeting #2   10:30  – 11:30AM ( Faculty, Facilities, Athletics, Library)
  • Meeting #3   2:00  –  3:00PM ( Faculty, Dining Hall, Administrative offices)