Student News

Deerfield Musicians Qualify for District Festival

Daniel Roihl – November 12, 2012

Early Saturday, before most buses left for Choate, a group of students traveled to Westfield to audition for the Western District Music Festival. After competing with student-musicians from all over Western Massachusetts, nine Deerfield students were selected to participate in the festival: Jae Baek ’13, Madeline Moon ’16, Michael Park ’15, and Thomas Yum ’14 in the Orchestra; Dave Kim ’14 and Hae June Lee ’16 in the Band; and Julie Harris ’13, Sierra Janik ’13, and Christie Jok ’16 in the Chorus. These students will join the top student-musicians from all over the district for a festival held at U. Mass. Amherst on two Saturdays in January, working with top clinicians and performing in a culminating festival concert. Congratulations!