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Students Join Effort in the Connecticut River Clean Up

communications – October 2, 2012

On Saturday, September 29th, 2012, a group of students participated in the Connecticut River Clean Up. At two different sites, the students picked up trash, ranging from candy wrappers to televisions and mattresses. They also “flagged” potentially hazardous materials for future pickup. A special thanks to the following people:

Tess Donovan, 
Alan Gao, 
Ileana Glyptis, 
Destine James, 
Christie Jok, 
Wendy Ke, 
John Lee, 
Anna Lu, 
Jade Moon, 
Andrew Prosikhin, 
Bri Thorbourne, 
Matt Morrow, 
Andrea Piedrahita, as well as Mr. Freda, Ms. Irwin, and Mr. Jewett!