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“Not Just a Face” Winter Project – Want to Help?

communications – October 19, 2012

Last week at sit-down, I mentioned something about my “not just a face” project. As a co-curricular exemption last winter, I interviewed and photographed fifteen members of the community and compiled their stories into a short book. I am hoping to do the same this winter, and am looking for one or two people to join me. I’ve included my purpose statement below, and my plans for next term. Please take a look and email me if you’re interested!

Purpose: At Deerfield, every second of our day is consumed by something: classes, sports, homework, clubs, etc. We tend to immerse ourselves completely in what we have to do, and it’s easy to disregard everything else around us. At the beginning of the year, Dr. Curtis encouraged us to slow down and take a moment to connect with the beauty of our campus. But it’s hard. It’s hard to fit in a ten-minute walk during the day, or go beyond a quick, “Hi, how are you doing?” with the staff. So I tried to bring some of those elements through “Not just a face.” I worked to capture the essence of each of my interviewees into one short page and a photograph. Hopefully, this provided readers with a snapshot of the different people in the book. And more importantly, I hope it urged readers to look beyond their own day-to-day activities and become more aware of those “behind the scenes,” because I believe that is what Deerfield is about. Something Denise Dwelley mentioned when I interviewed her last winter really struck me. She said, “the Deerfield essence of being a community – being a Deerfield community – is a little less emphasized, and now it’s more of being a school community.” If this is true, we need to do some reflection. I believe “Not just a face” is a good step towards building the Deerfield community.

Plan: For this upcoming winter term, I am hoping to continue this project at a larger scale. I plan to work with one or two others to create a thicker book, complete with binding (something like Albany Road). The book would be like the first one, but with three of us working on it, we could probably cover 30-35 people.I hope you will all think about this. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to me, or email me at