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Want to Watch some Widdies Winners?

DiNicola, Danae – May 29, 2012

A Heap of Broken Images was made by Ryan Heffernan and Eliza Mott as a winter-term Art Exemption. This video won Best Picture and Best Cinematography. The Declamation was made by John Deskavich. It won a prize for Best Ethical Dilemma. Perfect Two was made by Maria Martinez and Daisy Fornengo. This video won Best Stop-motion video. This is Deerfield was made by Harry Reichert and Luke Therrien and was inspired by the Sportscenter ad campaign. It won an award for Best Commercial.

16 outstanding videos were screened last Saturday to a packed house in the Large Auditorium. Nolan Doyle and Ben Wood were the hilarious MCs for the event, and a good time was had by all.