Student News

Electrathon 2012

Teutsch, Mark – May 4, 2012

Teamwork, perseverance and problem solving; these were qualities and life values shown by the Electric Vehicle Engineering group on Thursday when competing at LimeRock CT. Though neither team #797 nor #888 were winners, they were both crowd favorites. Gavin Fuller began driving #797 with the experimental 48V system before power failed on second driver Kellam Witherington at lap 17 concurrent with a sheared tie-bar bolt. Luke Mario started in vehicle #888 and had to wrestle an unwieldy machine into several pit stops where his crew pulled quick fixes to maintain track time. After 30 minutes, the many talents of car #888’s second driver Ian Ardrey were challenged by a tire/rim blowout sending driver and vehicle through a road side ELECTRATHON banner reminiscent of halfback charging though circular emblem via pregame inspiration. Conclusion: applied physics rocks!