Student News

Wildlife Warning

David Thiel – March 28, 2012

Each spring there is an increase in animal sightings on campus, including opossums, skunks, raccoons, coyotes, and even black bears.  Please be careful if you encounter any animals on or around campus.   Most animals will retreat once they become aware of your presence—and being extra noisy is a good thing if you encounter them.  (Please be aware that because of our agricultural surroundings there are many “feral” cats—which at first glance may appear to be domesticated but should be treated as wild animals.)

If an animal approaches you rather than retreating, then something is WRONG with that animal: you should avoid it and contact security at 413-772-9880 immediately.

For more information on keeping both you and our furry friends safe, check out the MA Fish and Wildlife site Living with Wildlife.  Of particular note would be their guides to wildlife diseases including Rabies and Lyme Disease