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Who wrote this classic “locked room” mystery?

Janet Eckert – March 30, 2012

This Boston journalist who courageously lost his life on the Titanic first “gained prominence when the Boston American serialized his famous short story The Problem of Cell Thirteen … The story was used to encourage readers to write in and suggest possible solutions, with prize money of one hundred dollars for the best possible answer. “*

 Our April Library Question of the Month is …. Who is this author?

 Good news!  The “Problem of Cell Thirteen” is available in our library’s collection.  Can you locate it?

 *Literary Reference Center database

Be sure to drop off your answer in the Question of the Month Box located on the first floor of our library.

 Good luck! 

From all the correct answers, a winner will be drawn and a prize will be awarded on April 30, 2012.