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Lindsey Dewey Wins February 10 Library Question of the Week

Janet Eckert – February 10, 2012

In celebration of Black History Month, the Deerfield Black Student Alliance (DBSA) is collaborating with the staff of the Boyden Library to create weekly questions that will focus upon significant figures who have improved the life for blacks in America.

Our contest began with this question:

Best known today for his autobiography, his legacy “remains a powerful force in Black America, his affirmation of Black pride admired by people at opposite ends of the political spectrum, from conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to revolutionary playwright and poet Imamu Amiri Baraka.”*  Who is he?

 The Answer:  Malcolm X

The Library received 5 correct answers and randomly selected our winner, Lindsey Dewey, by lottery.  We congratulate  Lindsey Dewey and thank everyone who participated in our library contest.

 *Contemporary Heroes and Heroines. Gale, 1992