Student News

Don’t Let the Flu Get YOU!

Day, Jessica – February 17, 2012

Some important information from Dr. Hagamen and the team at the Health Center:

Dear Deerfield Community,

Not since 1987-1988 have we had so little flu this late into the winter. Despite the 24-hour stomach bug that many have suffered from recently, we have had an unusually healthy winter. The State Health Department reports this is about to change. The percent of respiratory specimens testing positive for influenza virus has surpassed 10 percent, which is generally a marker to indicate that flu season is beginning.

Although it is not clear when the influenza virus will make to Deerfield or how hard it will hit, it is absolutely clear that there is still time to get a flu shot that will protect you during exam week, spring break, and the spring term. When the flu season starts late it usually continues well into the spring.

If you haven’t received a flu shot yet, please consider coming to the Health Center for one. No appointment is necessary.