Student News

Baby It’s Cold Outside

communications – January 31, 2012

We all remember Charlie and Alice’s performance of the classic X-mas carol at KFC, bringing to mind the annual winter problem of what to do on freezing weekends. 

Student Council has the answer!

We proposed having a fire pit outside the Greer Store, and we have been approved. Check the Student Council Website for more info! Starting the weekend we get back from Long Winter Weekend, there will be a fire pit available for use under these guidelines:

  1. The security officers must know when the fire pit is in use. This can be done by calling Security at (413) 772-9880.
  2. All firewood and fire starters must be obtained through Security in the Memorial Building.
  3. All fires must be out 15 minutes before check-in (time varies depending on users).
  4. The fire pit is only to be used on weekends, but is not permitted to be used after Sunday sit-down dinner.
  5. Fire is only allowed within the designated area outside the Greer Store.
  6. Once the fire is started it must not be left unattended without notifying a security officer.
  7. The security officers will only give out 5 logs initially. If you wish to obtain more logs, you must return to the security office.
  8. The fire starters and extra wood must be returned to the security office when you are finished.
  9. All safety screens must be in place at all times when fire is lit.