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Help Deerfield Be Even Greener: Be an E-Proctor

Newman, Anna – October 12, 2011

Want to help Deerfield be an even greener place? Become an environmental proctor!

Environmental Proctors educate and encourage their peers to recognize the impact of their actions on the environment and alter their habits accordingly.

Our environmental proctors have had a significant impact on dorm energy use and recycling in past years.  We have improved our Green Cup Challenge results and increased our recycling, resulting in reduced waste to our overburdened landfills.  This is a chance to be a student leader in sustainability.

Responsibilities of being an environmental proctor include:

  • Attending biweekly and sometimes weekly meetings (approx. 45 min). The tentative meeting time is Tuesday after sit-down dinner (approximately 6:45 pm).
  • Being involved in at least one environmental project a term, like the Green Cup in the winter term (this can take up to another hour per week).
  • Being a passionate, informed, and active role model.
  • Ensuring that every student’s Deerfield experience includes learning to think about his or her impact on the environment.

Some things environmental proctors do:

  • Organize hallway recycling – informing students of what and what isn’t recyclable
  • Inform students of the environmental and economic benefits of compact fluorescent lights.
  • Teach peers about “Phantom Loads” and organize holiday “unplugs.”
  • Encourage students to turn off unnecessary lights and electronic equipment
  • Educate hallway about how dorm heating system works and report problems.
  • Plan and execute projects to improve campus sustainability.

If you are interested in becoming an environmental proctor, fill out the online application. Both day and boarding students are encouraged to apply. Applications will be due Thursday, October 13.