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HEADlines: From Wellington College to Parents Weekend

Curtis, Margarita – October 27, 2011

The Round Square conference at Wellington College, with close to 1000 delegates in attendance, was a resounding success  and allowed those of us from DA to interact with students and teachers from more than 40 countries.  We participated in barazza and riika groups, and listened to inspiring keynote speakers. Two of the most memorable included Jasmine Whitebread, CEO of Save the Children International, and Colin Jackson, an Olympic medalist (110m hurdler). Upon return to campus, we celebrated Parents Weekend, and the school’s vitality and welcoming spirit were more palpable than ever. A recent email from a parent expresses a widely held sentiment: “Parents’ Weekend overall was another Deerfield triumph — we couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more, returning home overflowing with gratitude that our daughter has the opportunity to spend four formative years in that extraordinarily beautiful place.”