Student News

DANET is now The Daily Bulletin

David Thiel – September 12, 2011

Welcome to the Daily Bulletin!  Today, we’ve launched a new website that combines all the pages from DANET and together in one. That means:

  • Look in the green toolbar for links to your Email, DAInfo, Moodle, and more.
  • All DANET and content is now on this single website
    • Hint: You’ll find “student handbook” type stuff under “Campus Guide.”
  • Everything is in one place–including sports information.
  • Information is not duplicated between two websites.
  • A single search engine allows you to find anything.
  • Photo galleries are vastly improved.
  • The website will be faster to load and will work on more devices — like iPads and Android phones.
  • Employees and students may post to the bulletin–or make comments–by logging in at the upper right of the screen.

Please note that while neither rain nor flood could stop us from launching a new website this summer, you may notice a bit of dust and debris around until September 6th or so.  Bear with us as we button things up before the start of school.  Thanks!