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Scroll Writers Wanted

communications – April 14, 2011

The Deerfield Scroll is looking for new writers for the sports and arts pages.

Please write an article appropriate to the page for which you might like to be considered as a staff writer–either arts and entertainment or sports.

Please do not submit opinion pieces or short stories for this application.

We will be interested in your ability to create a compelling article on your chosen topic.  We will also be looking for indicators that suggest a familiarity with the writing style associated with journalism.  Please open your article with a strong lead.  Include at least three quotations containing comments made by reliable sources of information on your topic.

Your article should be 80 lines in length.   Please follow the formatting directions given below.

Submit your article in hard copy to Mr. Palmer’s mailbox on the lower level of the Main School Building no later than 7:00 p.m. on Friday, April 22, 2011. Contact with questions or concerns.

Formatting directions:

  • Left margin should be 1” and right 5.33” (File –> Page Setup –> Margins)
  • Font: Garamond, 10.5 pt., JUSTIFIED
  • Writer’s name at top
  • Names spell-checked and titles capitalized when they directly precede a name (“Head of School Margarita Curtis”)
  • Everyone in the article introduced by first and last name and, if applicable, title and/or class year. Refer to them thereafter by last name, adding Mr. or Ms. for adults.
  • Quotes in past tense
  • Books, movies, newspapers, etc. in italics
  • Make sure all apostrophes point backwards when abbreviating a class year (“Marc Dancer ’79”).
  • Shorter, more numerous paragraphs rather than large boxes of text. Each train of thought should have a paragraph all to itself.
  • Good quotes, obtained from in-depth, face-to-face interviews. Ask questions your interviewee has to actually think about. Make sure to obtain sufficient background information—if you don’t understand what you’re writing about, your readers certainly won’t. No e-mail interviews should be conducted unless ABSOLUTELY insisted upon by the interviewee.
  • Avoid passive voice.