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Dean Cycon To Speak 4/5

communications – April 4, 2011

Dean Cycon, innovative entrepreneur, award-winning author, and CEO of Dean’s Beans, a locally-grown, organic coffee company, will speak Tuesday night, April 5, in the Choral Room directly after sit-down dinner. Dean has traveled for over 25 years to coffee villages and indigenous communities throughout the world and is a co-founder of Cooperative Coffees, the first fair-trade roaster cooperative in the world.

Dean’s Beans is also involved in development projects for coffee villagers and partners with coffee growers, who receive a percentage of the company profits. Dean also appeared as a sailor and a drunken pirate in the third “Pirates of the Caribbean” film. Dean will speak about his travels and the importance of fair-trade coffee in the fight for human rights. Amnesty will be selling his fair-trade chocolate and coffee at his presentation.