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James Kunstler to Speak Today

communications – February 22, 2011

James Howard Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency, among other works, will speak on Tuesday the 22nd, thanks to the Deerfield View. In his 2005 book, Kunstler argued that declining oil production will cause the end of industrialized society as we know it and force Americans to live in smaller-scale, localized, agrarian communities.

“As brilliant as it is baleful . . . and we disregard it at our peril,” The Washington Post said of The Long Emergency.

“What sets The Long Emergency apart…is its comprehensive sweep—its powerful integration of science, technology, economics, finance, international politics and social change, along with a fascinating attempt to peer into a chaotic future. Kunstler is such a compelling and sometimes eloquent writer that the book is hard to put down,” said American Scientist.

To read more about Kunstler, visit his blog at and attend his presentation tonight, from 6:45 to 8:30 in the Garonzik.