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Considering a Division I or II College?

communications – February 18, 2011

If you have aspirations to play NCAA athletics at a Division I or Division II college, you need to begin planning your courses for the rest of your Deerfield career. NCAA eligibility requires that, by the end of your fourth year of high school, you take 16 core courses fitting into the categories listed below. 

Core Courses Required 

There are 16 core course requirements for Division I and II colleges.

Subject                                          Division I    Division II

English                                           4 years            3 years

Math (Algebra 1 or higher)        3 years            2 years

Natural/physical science            2 years            2 years 

(1 year of lab if offered by high school)

Additional courses                       1 year              2 years (English, math or natural/physical science)

Social science                                 2 years            2 years

Additional courses                        4 years             3 years 

(from any area above, foreign language, or non-doctrinal religion/philosophy)

Repeating a Grade

From the time you first begin ninth grade, you have four years (eight semesters) to complete your core-course requirements. Students who repeat a grade upon entering Deerfield must be aware that: 

1)   Their window for collecting all requisite courses closes at the end of their junior year; and 

2)   One or more courses taken at their previous school may be considered duplicative by the NCAA.  If, for instance, students take Algebra I at their former school and place into Algebra I here, they will only receive NCAA credit for one of these courses. English is a particular concern. Any similarities (i.e., theme, title, course description/number, or books studied) between English courses taken at a previous school and at Deerfield may lead the NCAA to withhold credit. 

If you are concerned that the NCAA may find duplication between two of your English courses, please: 

1)   Acquire the syllabus, course title, and course description for the course at your former school. 

2)   Compare it to the syllabus for the Deerfield English course which may be similar. 

3)  Bring both syllabi to your advisor and the Academic Dean’s Office so that we can begin to explore whether you may need to take an additional English course before the end of junior year.

Deerfield students who need an additional course usually double up on English in the junior year, concurrently taking junior English and a senior English elective.  Students would also have the option of taking an NCAA-approved English course during any summer prior to junior year

What you need to do (more detailed information can be found on the NCAA website):

Freshman and Sophomores must:

  • Start planning now!
  • Work hard to get the best grades possible.
  • Choose NCAA-approved classes.

Third-year students (i.e., juniors, and repeat sophomores) must:

  • At the beginning of their third year, log on to the NCAA Eligibility Center website and register.
  • Register to take the ACT, SAT or both and use the NCAA Eligibility Center code “9999” as a score recipient. (Test score requirements are listed on the website.)
  • Double-check to make sure that they are taking NCAA-approved courses.
  • Request that their high school official transcript be sent to NCAA Eligibility Center after completing their third year of high school.  (No faxes; see Ms. Loveland in Academic Deans Office.)
  • Prior to registration for their fourth year of high school, check with the academic dean’s office and the NCAA Eligibility Center to determine the number of core courses that need to be completed that year (i.e., before their window of eligibility closes).

If you have questions or need help please contact Mrs. Thiel or Mr. Warsaw, Academic Dean. Refer to the NCAA website for more information.