Student News

Deerfield’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration

communications – January 14, 2011

The schedule for Monday’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day activities is posted below. A morning of student presentations and community break-out sessions is followed by a performance by a highly regarded troupe of musicians and actors from Denver, CO, who will take the audience on a multimedia journey through the civil rights movement.

8:30-9:00am: Registration (MEM Lobby)

9:00am: Flag ceremony (Large Aud)

9:20-10:25am: Student Presentations (Large Aud):

  • The Madrigal Choir: “Ain’t Got Time to Die” by Hall Johnson
  • The Academy Chorus: “Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand” arranged by Stephen Key, with John Van Eps (piano)
  • The Academy Chorus: “Seasons of Love” from Rent arranged by Roger Emerson
  • Cast Members of Voices in Conflict
  • Uruguay Presentation
  • Deerfield Step Team
  • Dr. Curtis
  • “I Have a Dream”- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

10:35-11:55am: Community Break-out Sessions, led by members of the Diversity Task Force (please refer to the room assigned to you at registration; see below for faculty room assignments)

12 noon: Sit-down Lunch (Dining Hall)

1-1:30pm: Afternoon Registration/Questionnaire Pick-up (MEM Lobby)

1:30-2:30pm: Guest Performance by At the Table with Dr. King, a multimedia journey through the civil rights movement

2:30pm: Closing Remarks

**Co-Curricular activities will run in the Afternoon**

Faculty Room Assignments

1. Crow Common – Acton, Flaska, Meier
2. John Lewis – Ahbel, Freda, Melvoin
3. Louis Marx I – Albertson, Friends, A. Moorhead
4. Louis Marx II – Anderson, Fritz, B. Moorhead
5. English Office (Arms) – Apostol, Fry, J. Morsman, Wright
6. Lobby Kendall Building – Baker, Graves, Moushabeck
7. Mem Lobby – Bakker, Greenidge, Nilsson
8. Choral Room  (performance well) – Barnes, Hagamen, M. O’Donnell
9. Dance Studio – Berger, S. O’Donnell, Warsaw
10. Art Studio Corridor – Bergeron, Hannay, P. Bonanno
11. Hilson Gallery – Sam Bicknell, Harcourt, Palmer
12. Black Box – Stuart Bicknell, K. Heise, K. McConnell
13. Star Field – Bishop, T. Heise, K. McConnell
14. Garonzik  (speaker’s well) – Ott, Hemphill, Reese
15. Barton Common Room – R. Bonanno, Henry, Robbins
16. Kravis Room (Mat 1) – Howell, Roihl, Cabral, Jacobs
17. Kravis Room (Mat 2) – K. Calhoun, Invernizzi, Savage
18. Trophy Room (outside the Greer) – Burker, Karbon, Schloat
19. Team Room (in Greer) – R. Calhoun, Keller, A. Creagh
20. Ro-Sho  Common Room – Cary, P. Kelly, Silipo
21. DeNunzio Common Room – Shepherd, X. Kelly, Taft
22. Room 27 (American Studies Room) – B. Creagh, Latham, J. Taylor
23. Dance Loft – Cullen, Loftus, M. Taylor
24. Common Area on Third Floor MSB – Cullinane, Liske, Teutch
25. Front entry lobby of MSB – Lempicki, Thiel, Ellis
26. Dining Hall Lobby – Dancer, Lyman, Thomas-Adams
27. East Gym left – Davis, C. Lyons, Trelease
28. East Gym right – Dickinson, J. Lyons, C. Feng
29. West Gym Lobby – Scandling, Manory, Van Eps
30. West Gym left – Dohrmann, Marge, Veiga
31. West Gym right – McVaugh, Veit, Whitcomb
32. Arms 57  (large classroom) – T. Emerson, McKinlay, Marino