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What’s a Fast Pass?

communications – December 6, 2010

You’re standing near the front of the line in the Koch Cafe and you see a fellow student approach the first person in line.  After a short exchange and a flash of some laminated card the student pulled from his pocket, that student steps to the front of the line.  Asking the person next to you what that was all about, you discover that student had a FAST PASS. What’s a FAST PASS you ask.

The FAST PASS is a prize, awarded by the Environmental Proctors, which allows the recipients to move to the front of the line in the Dining Hall, Greer, and Koch Café.

Who has it?

The passes have been awarded to the student residents (and affiliated day students) of Dewey and Louis Marx dorms, 52 in total.

When will the passes be valid?

The passes are valid for one week starting December 6.  The valid dates will be on the passes (see above).  The individual names will also be written on the backs of the passes and the passes laminated.

What is the occasion?

The upperclassmen dorms beat the underclassmen dorms in saving the most energy per person over the Thanksgiving Break UNPLUG Campaign. The Environmental Proctors have awarded the pass to the two top dorms of the competition, Dewey and Louis Marx.

How will it work?

Pass holders must have the pass on them and show them to the person in the front of the line.  They must say their name and their dorm and be polite.  They may not cut in front of other pass holders.  We are asking pass holders to be considerate of guests to the academy and not cut in front of known guests as they would be unaware of the program, and it would reflect poorly on our school.

This is the first time we’ve had this prize at Deerfield and if there are any suggestions of how to improve this prize please talk to an Environmental Proctor and/or Kristan Bakker, the E-Proctor advisor.

The pass will be forfeited by anyone who abuses it.