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Seniors ~ Is a ‘Directed Study’ for YOU?

Mozea, Meghan – December 10, 2010

As you begin to think about options for your spring term, such as an Alternate Study Project, there is another possibility you might want to explore; a Directed Study Project.

For those of you who are interested in a further study in an academic discipline, you can work with a teacher to design a course that would not normally be offered in our course catalog. A Directed Study falls under the auspices of an academic department and has to be set up with a faculty member and approved by the Department Chair and the Associate Academic Dean, Ms. Hemphill.

The Directed Study takes the place of a spring term elective and is graded numerically as any other academic course is graded.

You may NOT drop any continuing course to do a Directed Study.

No faculty member may take on more than two Directed Study projects. The decision on which two are chosen (should the demand be higher) will be based on the comparative merits of the proposals.

Distinguishing between an ALTERNATE Study and a DIRECTED Study:

  • An ALTERNATE Study Project is NON-ACADEMIC, graded pass/fail and in place of 1 – 5 courses (3 – 5 courses for OFF campus projects only).
  • A DIRECTED Study Project is ACADEMIC, graded numerically and in place of one spring term elective.

If you want to pursue a Directed Study Project,
you MUST meet with Ms. Hemphill
PRIOR to submitting your proposal!

Instructions for submitting a Directed Study Proposal:

  • proposals must be typewritten either on the form or a seperate sheet of paper stapled to the proposal form
  • the proposal form must be completed – including the signatures of the instructor and student – and submitted to the Office of the Academic Dean by 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 31, 2011. The proposals will then be forwarded to the appropriate Department Chair who will make the final determination
  • late proposals will NOT be considered